Saturday, November 22, 2008

Equal Opportunity Sniffer

I was one of those moms who, before I became a mom, actually said, "My children won't have a pacifier past age one."  Well, the good news is that I was able to comply with my rather lofty ideal.  The bad news is that I was given the **joy** of having of three thumb sucking children. Any mom of a thumb sucker will tell you it's infinitely WORSE than a pacifier because you can't take their thumb away from them (of course I mean it's difficult to help them wean themselves from an addictive habit that's ruining their teeth and the shape of their mouths :-).  

Since each of my children were the ages of 6 weeks, 10 weeks and 8 weeks respectively, they have sucked their thumbs while sniffing their treasured hand-knit baby blankets.  Rarely do either of them suck their thumbs without sniffing their blankets.  

The other day Clayton found Barrett's blanket and decided to try it out while she was at school.

And now the side-by-side smell test comparison [his blanket is the darker blue one].

He has also been spotted "Sniffing and Sucking" a handmade doll dress [pictured below] and a potholder.  He'll give it a go with anything that's hand-knit.  So Grandmas, hide your knitting. He'll be on you like white on rice.


shannon said...

I feel your pain. At least your children have not mastered sucking there thumb and picking there nose all at the same time.

shannon said...

I am such a dork. As soon as I posted that I relized I spelled their wrong twice. At least I am consistent. I have no idea how I did that. You could have been the girls in the background telling me they are hungry after they just had lunch.