Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Weekday Good-Bye Ritual

Every weekday morning Dad gets a very similar send-off to work.

Dad:  "OK Punkin, I've gotta go."
Me:    "OK Babe, have a good day.  [Smooch] I love you.  Drive safely." 

Somewhere in the last two years, Ansley added her own portion of the conversation:

Ansley:  "Bye Dad, have a good day.  Watch out for bad guys.  Watch out for snakes.  And snake poop.  And bears.  And bees.  And all the animals in the zoo.  And cars (and whatever else she can think of before he does the skedaddle)."

And in the last year, Clayton has added his two cents worth:

Clayton:   "Bye Daddy.  I luze you.  Good day.  Ummm, snakes and snake poop."

Everyday it's virtually the same conversation, and everyday it makes me smile.


dsb0402 said...

You forgot all the animals in the zoo and cars!! DB

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This post is hilarious. Totally made me laugh out loud. "Snakes and snake poop." I really do love the great stories you come across in the blogosphere.

Thanks so much for your e-mail yesterday. It is wonderful of you to take the time to write me and describe life in the south a bit. Great to read.

And yes, I did find your blog through my beloved Keri B. She and I are long-time friends (actually grew up together) and I stalk her blog daily. She continually makes me laugh. After reading your comment on her blog yesterday, I travled over to your space. Very glad that I did too!