Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frosty's Last Christmas

Frosty-the-Snowman is dropping parts around my home like he's a 1980 Toyota Corolla hatchback with louvers (my first car, if you didn't catch the reference).  Ansley has been affectionately refering to it as snowman poop.  Nice.  [Bathroom humor abounds in our household.]  

Ansley told me that Frosty needs some surgery. I agree. Unfortunately, our insurance plan doesn't cover snowmen.

He's also lost his hat, which if you've watched the show as many times as I have, you know that's nothing new.

And I believe this is his heart [or else a Tin-man's going to show up at my door looking for the Wizard].

I'm pretty sure Frosty will not be making an appearance next year.  Karen will be crying her little eyes out and the Magician (or Musician, as he's known in our house) will be pleased as punch.

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Mainly a midwife said...

aww..poor frosty. BTW, my first car was a toyoyta corolla hatchback too.. it was white. The gas gauge didn't work. I think it was a 1980. I loved that car.