Monday, December 1, 2008

GREASE Is the Word

I previously posted that Thanksgiving went off without a hitch [mostly].  While I was trying to get dressed, Clayton hid my nice watch.  It took 20 minutes of searching and a bribe of candy before he produced it from under one of our leather armchairs.  Clayton also thought it might be fun to go around to the 16 place settings and lick the silverware.  [I know, he's crazy and I sure hope I rewashed all the ones he licked.]

However, there was one casualty on Thanksgiving Day.  My favorite khaki pants.  No, they weren't expensive.  They were just good "butt" pants and for those of you with a lil' junk in the trunk, you know how hard it is to find good "butt" pants!

My husband had just finished getting dressed.  My guests were to arrive in the next 10 minutes.  I decided the turkey had been sitting long enough after cooking and I was going to try to dump the "juice" in the bottom of the roasting pan down the disposal before things got messy.  Well, before you know it I've got a 25 lb bird sliding down the roasting pan into the [EEEWWW!!] sink.  I grabbed the legs just in time to prevent disaster and then all of a sudden the legs popped out of the plastic thing that was holding them together and grease and turkey bits flew everywhere!!

My hair looked like a bird's next for turkey parts.  My pants had grease down the front all the way to my boots.  I have been trying since Thursday night to get the grease out of my pants, to no avail.

I have used the following recommended grease-removal remedies thus far:
1 - Dawn.  Highly recommended.  Didn't work.
2 - Shout.
3 - Baby Powder.
4 - Shampoo.
5 - Cheez Whiz.  No, it didn't work and was disgusting as HELL.
6 - Coca-Cola.  A little far-fetched but I figured being from Atlanta and all, it couldn't hurt.  But,  it didn't work either.
7 - Pam. This actually made the stain MUCH worse, but thank you very much for the tip.
8 - Simple Green.  This seems to have worked the best, but now I can't get the PAM out.
9 - Oxyclean MAX Force.  After three washings and scrubbings, it appears to have released the stain.  Hallelujah!

I am certain that I have wasted three or four times as much money on water and chemicals than the pants actually cost.  But after all, they're my good "butt" pants and I only wanted to have one casualty this Thanksgiving....a very big and [apparently] greasy turkey.

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Mainly a midwife said...

oh man... good to know what really works though. Yea...having a big bird is kind of a challenge. I have to get a real roasting pan for next year. I used one of those flimsy foil pans this year and it almost bit the dust.