Monday, December 8, 2008

Peaches' Favorite Things

My friend Keri at Forever Folding Laundry has been posting her favorite things. I thought I might share a few of mine with you.  Most of my friends know that I am totally obsessed with a t-shirt company in Atlanta called Darling Mummy.  I now have a new favorite holiday shirt.

I don't know about you, but OUR Santa needs all the help she can get!

I absolutely love, love, love the Fisher Price Nativity Set.  The only problem I see with this toy  is that you may find yourself saying things like, "Clayton [or insert your own child's name here], please don't bite/kick/lick/throw Baby Jesus."  

I love haystacks.  It's such an easy recipe but my kids and I love them.  Melted butterscotch chips, chinese noodles and peanuts.  VOILA!  One day my kids will discover on their own that I'm not a very good cook, but right now I'm Julia FREAKIN Child.

I was at a loss for a gift idea for Ansley's five (yes, five) preschool teachers until I found these cute Santa serving plates at Target.  Quite a bargain too, I might add.  [These are mine, purchased under the "one for you, one for me" Christmas shopping rule.]

Hairbows.  Oh, how I love hairbows!!  Recently we received a rather large box from our friend Shannon in England filled to the brim with hand-made hairbows and headbands that she made with her own two hands!  Here are today's selections:

We also hear through the grapevine that another friend is opening a new etsy store specializing in adorable handmade hairbows.  We can't WAIT!!

Until next time.  

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

You are one funny lady! Yesterday's MIL comment was bar none the best one we received. I have a dream that someday you, Keri, and I will sit down for lunch in person. When that day comes, I hope you will share similar stories with me. Your book is definitely headed for the best-seller list with tidbits like that.


PS: Adore the tee-shirt. A must have.