Monday, January 5, 2009

Me, I'm a Part of Your Circle of Friends.

Facebook.  I have been staunchly anti-Facebook for a while now.  I went to high school with 2,500 people.  I had a Senior graduating class of 550+.  I went to college with 28,000 people. Why in the world would I want to "talk" to all those random people??  I've got MUCH better things to do.  In fact, since I move around so much I consider myself in the Witness Protection Program.  I only have to talk to those people whom I choose to keep in touch with. However, the final straw for me happened at an intimate New Year's Eve party where I found myself excluded from snipits of conversation because I hadn't read up on my closest friends' FB pages.

So on New Years Day, I threw in the towel, caved to peer pressure and joined FB.  My intention was to check out my local friends' goings on and try to keep up with my girls from college better.  Within 45 minutes I had an on-slaught of e-mails and a barrage of friend requests from people whose names I didn't even recognize anymore.  I was completely blown away by the "you may know" or "friend suggestions".  Yes, I do know them as a matter-of-fact.  AAAIIIIGH!  Big Brother at it's finest. 

I have to admit the funniest thing to me was reading my friends' reactions to my finally caving in to FB:

---"I heard from Lori the other day, FB will never be the same."

---"Facebook will never be the same, welcome!! I think you will love this.  It's as if FB was created with you in mind."

---"Yeah!! I'm so glad you decided to join."

---"I'm shocked.  I never thought you would join FB."

----"HAHAHAHAHA.  I knew you couldn't hold out forever."

Within 48 hours, I had amassed 50 "friends" (this doesn't include the dozen or so that I "ignored"--just like in high school!!), which I'm sure is a new FB record.  I bet there's some sort of award for that.  If there's not, there should be.

As my husband spent the weekend trying to conquer the Checkers genius in his iPod Touch, I was laughing and reminiscing with people I hadn't thought about in 20 + years.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off, it has to or else how am I ever going to get anything accomplished???

Hello, my name is Lori and I've been sucked in the vortex called Facebook.


Mainly a midwife said...

Aren't you so glad that you have FB and could see that I made black bean soup today? heehee

seriously? said... blog is myconfessionsofcraziness and I am a facebook addict. Sad but, true. Started blogging to kick the fb habit only now I am addicted to the blog AND facebook. My poor husband had to get a facebook account just to talk to me. Kidding (kinda)