Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Green Girl

I am an obsessive recycler and Freecycler (  I have been known to pull various items out of the garbage for recycling or Freecycling.  If you're not familiar with Freecycle, you should be.  I've always had trouble discarding things in which I could see a future value.  But as a I move around the world, I realize that it's just so impractical moving and re-organizing things that could be used by someone else at the present time, rather than something that I may or may not use again.  

My kids frequently hear me saying "that can be recycled" or "I'm sure someone else could use this".  To my embarrassment, I even attempted to Freecycle an item that shouldn't have.  I will not elaborate.  I plead the fifth.

However, I realized the other day that I must be rubbing off on Ansley when she brought me a few baby toys she discovered in the back of her brother's closet.

A:  I think we should give these baby toys to Avery.
P:  Well, Avery's not really a baby anymore and I'm not sure she would enjoy these.
A:  I'm sure someone could use these.  They're very cute toys.  What about Lucas' new baby brother? Or baby Grayson?

'Atta girl.  All this California living is rubbing off on her.  Keep it green.


Tulip Row said...

I love when my kids mention anything that might be good for the environment! It makes me feel like at least I know I am doing something right!

Mainly a midwife said...

That's what I'm doing today..making a pile for Freecycle. This is Mark's pet peeve. He often throws things into the garbage and I pitch a fit and rescue them.