Saturday, February 14, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

Fifteen years ago, I spent my first Valentine's Day with my beloved.  At this point, we were already engaged and the wedding date was set for April 2nd.  I assume at some point in our relatively short courtship (five months) I told had mentioned to him that I had a "thing" for black and white cows when I was in high school.

I will always remember the gift he gave me that first Valentine's Day.  It was a black and white cow tea kettle.  You didn't know they existed?  Well, they do.  And he found one, even before the existence of a commercial internet or eBay.  

He established very early on in our relationship his inability to pick out a present I would like. It's certainly not that I'm difficult.  Ok.  I might be a little hard to please.  But a cow tea kettle?  Come ON!


forever folding laundry said...

At least he was listening to you!!

Do you still have it?

Peaches said...

No, I'm pretty sure it found its way back to the cow tea kettle corral (another precedent established early in our relationship).

Oh, he listens, but only to part of the conversation. Once I said, I'd like a bracelet--anything but gold nugget. What did I get? A gold nugget bracelet.

Its very selective!

peewee said...

HAHA! I stumbled on your sight and it made me laugh. In a good. way.

Tulip Row said...

That is so sweet!!