Saturday, April 4, 2009

She Wants To Be A Part of It.

Ansley recently shared with me her goals for the future and the order in which she expects them to be attained.

1 - She wants to move to New York.

2 - She wants to go to college. (Columbia? I can live with that.)

3 - She wants to meet a boy.

4 - She wants to get married.

5 - She wants to get a baby. (At least she knows the right order of things.)

6 - And she wants to get a convertible. (Is the love of convertibles a genetic trait?)

As she was listing her life goals, I couldn't help but think that she's growing up so fast and why would she pick New York of all places.  She was in utero the last time she visited New York, so I couldn't think of a reason for her choice of cities.

When I asked her why New York, she looked at me like I was half-crazed.  "Mom, (with major attitude) the American Girl store is in New York." Maybe she's still my baby girl after all.


Laura said...

Oh wow I love your blog!

Together with the lovely ladies from 3 Bay B Chicks we created a Facebook group to start a San Francisco blogging network. As your blog is so amazing and creative we would love for you to join.

Mainly a midwife said...

How cute!!!