Friday, April 10, 2009

What's That You Say?

Here are some definitions of some commonly used words in our household.

Ahballoon:  Rubber children's toy filled with air or helium.

Big Beel:  A three wheeled vehicle where the front tire is considerably larger than the other two.

Broking:  I have touched something that I shouldn't and now it doesn't look/work like its supposed to.

Chafter:  Larger books and novels are comprised of these.

Envelote:  An paper encasement for a letter or a card.

Erupting: Talking whilst someone else is currently speaking.

Featers:  A building where you go to watch movies.

Free:   A number or an age.  Clayton will be free on his next birthday.

Gatoregg:  An electrolyte beverage. 

Goose-Around:  When you're misbehaving with your sister.

Haputer:  Personal computer.

Jalepeno:  Person from the Philippines or of Filipino descent.

Matron:   A piece of fabric worn when cooking to keep food off your clothing.

Motorcycling: A receptacle which holds used plastic containers, aluminum cans, bottles and paper.

My Some:  I would like whatever it is you have.

Prayground: Location full of equipment for children to play and climb on.

Treasure Cat:   The feline cast member from Alice in Wonderland.

Trocolate:  A sweet treat made from cocoa beans.


forever folding laundry said...

Oh those are great! One day in the future you'll be so glad you wrote these down to remember them!

My favorites that the boys used to say:
-pacuter = computer
-soobeggy = spaghetti

(And they still think nipples are nickles.)

Mainly a midwife said...

I love those! I especially like Jalapeno and "my some"

Tulip Row said...

I love kids talk, I mostly don't even correct my kids because I love it so, and don't want those days to end. Here is one of ours:
"I beat you up"= I was faster than you

Counselormama said...

I love those! My fave around here is, "Me turn!" = My turn

kel said...

adorable!! love this!