Friday, May 29, 2009

#Follow Me. #Unfollow Me.

Do you Twitter?  Well, since none of my friends from the ATL read my blog and none of them Twitter, well if you don't get it, I can't explain it.  Just google it.  Maybe you'll understand.

I had been on Twitter for a while before I started following celebrities. Here's what I'm learning about celebrities from their posts on Twitter.  They can be annoying.  They can be random. They can be bored.  They live lives just like you and me.  And something about being a celebrity has a narcissistic quality to it.  They need to be needed.  They need to be in the spotlight. They NEEED an audience....for everything.

I have followed various random celebrities only to very quickly #unfollow.  Here's a list of the ones who did not cut the mustard.

1 - John Mayer.  He's an adopted southern boy (Why Georgia, Why?), but for the life of me I couldn't stand all of his random twittering.  And WHINING.  Why John, Why? I followed him for 2 days then dropped him. (Good call, Anniston.  You're much better off without that one.) 

2 - Kirstie Alley. She's kooky. And real. I like that.  What I didn't realize is that she's also "real kooky." A couple of weeks ago there was some question if  the person "tweeting" as Kirstie was really Kirstie (some people pose as celebs on Twitter until they're caught).  Was it that her tweets were more bizarre that her otherwise normally bizarre personality?  Mystery solved.  She really is her and she really is that weird.

3 - MC Hammer.  Not sure why, but he came off a little self righteous for my taste. It's been long enough that I'm pretty sure we can all 'touch this' by now.

Those celebs that are on the fence...

1 - Sarah Silverman.  Total potty mouth. (And I'm no saint.)

2 - Melissa E Gilbert.  Yup.  Half pint.  Or shall I say "Half Tweet."  Half of her tweets are witty and maybe even informative.  The other half, ehh, not so much.

3 - Alyssa Milano.  She's one tweet about the LA Dodgers and/or her dog away from #unfollow. And I'm annoyed by the way she says "Good morning/afternoon/evening/night". It's like she wants to be everything to everyone, or maybe I'm over analyzing.

Want to know the biggest aha moment I received from all this tweeting from these celebrity tweeples??  Celebs are not so special.  They work out.  They make dinner.  They take showers. Speaking of which, I'm going to go tweet about my shower and work out. #Follow ME!

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