Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pomp and a Little Circumstance

Today was preschool graduation day for my almost five year old daughter, Ansley.  She was not yet two years old when we moved to California.  I just cannot believe she'll be starting Kindergarten in August.

Peaches, proud Papa and our girl (affectionately known since birth as the Doodlebug).

Ansley and one of her *favorite* teachers.  (I think she's pretty special, too.)

The Bruce kids.  (This is Clayton's definition of "cooperation." I guess the preschool teachers are in for a rude awakening in the fall, huh?)

One of the preschool directors pulled me aside after graduation to tell me that Ansley is a very loving and special child and that she will be missed.  It is very nice to feel like (on at least one day out of your life) that you're doing something right as a parent.

[If you're wondering whether or not I kept it together, let's just say I looked over at hubby during the slideshow presentation, saw his quiver-chin and that was all she wrote.  I lost it!]

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