Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twenty Years Ago.

Twenty years ago, I graduated from high school.  It seems like it was a lifetime and many, many cans of Aquanet hairspray ago.

For those of you on the West Coast, very few of you can relate or understand the mechanics of "Southern Hair."  There is definitely an art to styling it.  And believe me--when viewed in context with my southern classmates--my hair was no bigger than the next girl's.  We actually made fun of people with "big" hair.  (Although, looking at this picture I'm not sure how else it could've been classified.  Maybe it was extra tall because it was a special occasion?) Rest assured, Peaches received a hair-ectomy when I arrived at the University of Georgia.

I never dreamed 20 years would go by so quickly.  I never could've imagined the path my life has taken.  I'm not sure if I'll make it to my class reunion in September, but I am very thankful that I no longer have to spend an hour "doing my hair" every morning.


forever folding laundry said...

Your hair is still bigger than mine. ;)

(BTW, you look so much like Ansley in this pic, and usually I only think she looks like DB. Maybe it's the long hair....)


Mainly a midwife said...

Whew...that IS big hair...but hey, you were in style!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What?! Why aren't you spending at least an hour a day styling your hair. You looked FABULOUS!

Plus, you must know that doing so is a part of my daily beauty regime.


Wendi said...

I love this photo!!!And furthermore, I love that you posted it for all to see.

There is a photo of me somewhere (I'll never tell) that has a pic of me with comparably large hair. One of my co-workers at the time pointed out that it looked like an alluvial fan (he was a geology major). At the time, I wasn't sure whether to be offended or not.