Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Very Busy Birthday.

This past week, my sweet little Doodlebug turned five.  She is a wonderful and amazing little girl. She is a part of the reason for the sparkle in my eye and the sunshine in our house.

We had a very busy birthday for this girl.  We added a new member to our family: Chrissa, the American Girl doll.  We went to the movies to see G-Force with some friends, complete with snack bags.  We also went to Benihana for dinner, the birthday girl's favorite.

I cannot believe this precious angel will be starting Kindergarten in a little over a week. I will also miss all the "help" [real and perceived] around the house.


seriously? said...

Oh...I LOVE...oops, I mean, my kids LOVE American Girl Dolls. We have Julie and Ivy!!! They travel with us everywhere we go!!! :)

Mainly a midwife said...

She is a sweetheart and has the most beautiful smile. We had lots of fun at G force...thank you!

Wendi said...

She is one sweetie. She is always smiling and a joy to be around! Happy Birthday, Miss Doodlebug!!!