Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Treat with a Trick.

Every year my family trick-or-treats on a different street than the one on which we live.  We prefer to go trick-or-treating with a group of our adult friends (who are also covered in children).  The adults and kids all have a great time with their friends. Afterward, we congregate at my friends' house who live on that particular street and the adults visit while the kids gorge on candy.  [I say "we" but in actuality, it's the first time I've been in town for Halloween for a couple of years.]

However, I always leave candy on my door step for the neighborhood children.  I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of lame-o.  I also usually try to come up with some sort of "trick" in the candy bowl; spiders, eyeballs, you know, the usual.

So this year I came up with something spook-tacular. I bought witches fingers at Party City and stuffed them with sour punch twists.  I think the overall effect is pretty good, even if they do kind of look like chili peppers.

[This is a late submission to Mayhem and Moxie's Creepy Crawling Halloween Crafts posts, only because I just came up with it today.]


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you tricky! They look great.. So much fun!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

These are beyond fabulous! I am sure that you are going to be the hit of your neighborhood. I adore your creativity, Peaches.

Oh, and did you go and get yourself made over? You look great! I especially like that I can find my favorite post of all time, The Hungry Lurker, with such ease now. No more need for my bookmark. :)