Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Sleeping

Today's Wordful Wednesday topic at 7 Clown Circus is sleeping.  The picture quality is poor, so I apologize in advance.  On our way driving back to Atlanta from the beach this summer, I was driving and here's what everyone else in the car was doing.

The kids, expected and certainly preferable to arguing.

And my co-pilot.

Visit Seven Clown Circus and share your sleeping photographs.


Dumb Mom said...

Car sleeping is the best. Right up there with no crying at dinner time.

Jennifer Friedman said...

I bet the pilot was enjoying a rare moment of peace! Kids and husbands are so sweet when they're sleeping. Truthfully, one of my favorite mothering perks is being able to watch my babies sleep...not because they are silent and out of my hair, but because they look so innocent, angelic and peaceful.

kjgohogs said...

So cute! - And, Thanks for the comment on the car seat blanket - However, if you really know me, you know that I just don't "whip things up" - It took me 2 weeks to finish it ;)