Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Husband, Part Deux.

Dear Husband,

First of all, let me thank you for the times you drop the girls off at school. It is a welcome break and I really appreciate your help with the children in the morning. 

However, in the future when a teacher (or any other adult for that matter) makes a request of you, I would respectfully ask that you respond with: "I'm sorry, I am completely incompetent in this area. Could you please forward your request directly to my wife?"

Why? It's very simple.  Yesterday morning, Ansley's kindergarten teacher, a seasoned veteran made a simple request and this is what I received.

"Lori- Mrs Biship wants us to bring a bag of 100 circus peanuts."

So, after volunteering in the classroom yesterday morning I go to the local grocery store.  And I purchase   said "Circus Peanuts."

Upon delivering four bags of the confection to Mrs. Bishop, she looked at me quizzically, "No, no not circus peanuts, just peanuts, in the shell."


When husband was questioned about the Three's Company-style misunderstanding he said, "No, not the candy, the peanuts you eat AT the Circus." 

He attempted to say it was MY fault until I told him to Google "circus peanuts." Yes, I won. No more requests to be accepted by my simpleton husband.


shannon said...

That is awesome!!!! Now I want some circus peanuts (the candy)!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! DH's can barely be left alone, I swear! :P


THAT'S funny.

Counselormama said...

This is hilarious!My hubs is clueless about these things and will come home and say, "Mrs. so and so said you have to bring something for something?" He never remembers the deetss!