Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who Would Win? (A Birthday Post.)

On many occasions I struggle for gift ideas for my hubby. He's a bit fussy and difficult to please. He prefers "top of the line" items, however we have a single income household with three kids.

Today is my hubby's 41st birthday and he received the perfect gift, however it wasn't from me.  It was from my mom. You see my husband lives in an imaginary world where he constantly wants answers to questions that cannot be answered. Most notably, "Who would win in a fight between an alligator or a lion?" I have heard this question posed so many times it makes my ears bleed.

My mom gave him a book called, "Who Would Win? A Guide to Great Imaginary Showdowns" by Justin Heimberg.  Honestly, I can hardly believe such a book is in existence, but he is quite enamored of his new possession.

The good news is that his new book contains SO many more questions for him to ask. Who would win?

  • Courtney Love or Amy Winehouse?
  • Jason Bourne or James Bond?
  • Deadheads or Parrotheads? 

He can ask and answer his own ridiculous questions now!   THANKS, MOM!

Happy Birthday, my love. Here's to at least 41 more.

[I see Mr. Heimberg also authors a series of "Would You Rather?" books.  I now have gift ideas for Valentine's  Day and our wedding anniversary.]


Liz Mays said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs!!! You make a darling couple!

Mainly a midwife said...

I love it! Happy Birthday D!!!
Oh..and Amy Winehouse for sure. Since she's still using and Courtney is supposedly clean... Amy could take her while amped up on the variety of things that she takes. Hands down. I'd bet money on that.

Mainly a midwife said...

OK.. I'm back. I can't resist. I love this game.
Bond. Absolutely. He's craftier and has more maturity and gadgets. Sure..Bourne is good with his hands but I'd have to go with Bond.
Mmmm..Deadheads or Parrotheads. I certainly have a preference (being a Jimmy Buffett fan) but I'd say it would probably be a draw (if that's allowed). They'd probably split a doobie and call it a day.