Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Name That Tune.

Last week I was on a flight from Orlando to New York City. Almost immediately after being seated, I heard a familiar sound. Or rather, a few familiar sounds. I recognized that the family seated next to me was speaking Danish.

I never formally learned Danish. I never really learned to speak it, but I can read simple "supermarket" Danish and can recognize a few spoken words. It was so lovely to sit there for four + hours and hear the language. I guess it can best be described as recognizing the tune of the song being sung, without actually understanding all the lyrics.

It brought back so many lovely memories. As I sat there listening to them speak, it was like listening to the soundtrack of a 2 year movie of my life. The memories of our lives there flipped through my mind like a picture book. 

It makes me wonder what memories I'll reflect on when we move on from this California chapter of our lives.

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