Saturday, November 15, 2008

AHHH, Saturday mornings!

They're BAAAACK!!!  Soccer season (and Saturday morning games) are officially over. My six year old has just completed her first experience with team sports.  She chose to play soccer this fall and I have to say that it was much more time consuming than I had envisioned.  I hadn't realized the effort that it would take to get her (and her two younger siblings) to two 1-hour practices every week and then a game on Saturday morning.  UGH!  Saturday morning? During college football season??  

I think she really enjoyed the experience, but I wished I could say the same.  There are many various reasons why I didn't enjoy soccer season, but since Barrett enjoyed it my issues seem so trivial.  Barrett said yesterday that she wants to play again next fall, and so does her younger sister.  [Sigh.]

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