Friday, November 14, 2008

WARNING: Tactless Four-Year-OLD

My adorable and precocious four-year-old has developed a disturbing (albeit I believe common) personality trait.  She has started saying anything and everything as it crosses her mind.  And yes, I am very aware of the metaphor about glass houses and throwing stones.  

Twice recently she has relayed to my friends (people who were in the process of doing me a favor driving her somewhere), that their homes or cars were "messy."  Mind you, she's no stranger to mess in her own home or car, so I'm not exactly sure where it's coming from.  

She asked the woman who cuts her hair occasionally and a man at Red Lobster who had both obviously lost teeth "What happened to your teeth?"  She pointed a man out to me at Target and asked very loudly "Why does that boy have earrings?"  She asked the white-haired employee at Michael's if she was having a baby. I brace myself every time we enter the local Ace Hardware because there's a male employee with long hair and a ponytail.

It doesn't help that her father has instructed her that "bad guys" have tattoos, baggy pants, hats cocked to the side and lots of jewelry.  Believe me, it's caused more than one embarrassing moment for me at the local mall.  I've also had to spend a lot of time explaining that not all bad people have that appearance and vice versa.  

The next embarrassing moment for me could  be right around the corner.  Especially if Clayton runs into the man in Safeway again with the patch over his eye.  "ARRRRGGHH!"

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Mainly a midwife said...

That is so funny. Kids are often just stating the truth. I love Clayton's comment. That's so clever.