Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hostess with the Most-est

Southern hospitality is not a myth.  We love to entertain in grandiose fashion, at least every native Southerner I know.  I was thrilled [mostly] about the idea of having sixteen for Thanksgiving Dinner, especially since this was our first Thanksgiving back stateside without family.  Two years ago, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Skeeter hosted us in Sacramento and now they're living in Montana.  Last year, we were in Atlanta for hubby's 20th High School reunion and spent Thanksgiving with both sides of our family.   So, I relished the idea of a fancy, fun and hectic Thanksgiving.

Everything [mostly] went off without a hitch.  The tables were gorgeous and I had plenty of seating and place settings.  The 25 lb. bird got cooked and was delish [according to hubby "the best I've ever eaten" although I noticed he didn't tell his mom today when  recounting the holiday over the phone]. I've decided that I could use a new stuffing recipe and the kids are in love with my Southern Squash Casserole.

We spent the holiday with our dear friends from Roseville [our former neighbors from Atlanta] plus hubby's new co-worker, wife, four children and mother-in-law. I received a lovely e-mail from hubby's co-worker thanking us for inviting them to dinner and how much they enjoyed everything. At the end, the e-mail listed hubby's co-worker, his wife, their four children and the mother-in-law "Patricia".  WAIT. Patricia. No, no, no, not Patricia!  Her name was Cathy. C-A-T-H-Y!! I'm certain of it because I called her CATHY the entire day. How many times?  Ten?  Twenty? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE CORRECT ME???

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Mainly a midwife said...

Love your new layout. Sounds like your dinner was perfect! OK..except for the Cathy part (heehee). I have done that more times than I'd like to remember. Quite recently (at work) I have called someone Julie for 3 months, when in fact, her name was Emily. Emily corrected me during my last week of work. ;)