Monday, February 16, 2009

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

There's an old saying that things "happen in threes."  Well, we've had three things break in one short week.

First, my elliptical broke, but fortunately the Handy Manny of my household was able to repair it with very little effort.  Second, our "spare" television in the bedroom broke.  We've vacillated back and forth between whether or not to have a TV in the bedroom.  Generally, I am against the idea.  It deters end-of-the-day pillow talk, reading in bed and other bedroom activities.  However, since living in a small house the need to occupy three children at once with an activity in another room has its advantages.  [Yes, I am fully aware that "TV" is not an activity per se.] Needless to say we're slowly adjusting to not having a TV in the bedroom.

The third item broke last night.  It was our coffee pot.  When we moved back Stateside from Denmark, my husband and I were locked in a power struggle over the coffee pot.  We had an older model Mr. Coffee coffee maker that made fantastic coffee, however it was not very easy on the eyes.  After almost two years, I gave in to his relentless comments about the "ugly, stained, coffee maker."  We struck a deal, I would agree to purchase a new coffee maker if he would agree to prepare and program the coffee every evening, and bring me a cup in the morning.  It was a win-win situation.  A little over a year ago and after much research,  we purchased a top-of-the-line Cuisinart programmable, carafe coffee maker.

For a couple of months, I held on to the Mr. Coffee, just in case the other coffee maker didn't work out.  Eventually due to storage reasons, Mr. Coffee went to the big appliance graveyard in the sky.  [I attempted to Freecycle my dear coffee maker, but apparently there are many coffee maker snobs out there just like my husband.]  Last night we determined that Mr. Coffee was with us for almost twelve years.  That's just incredible.  I was kicking myself for throwing him out last night.  If I had just stuck him on a shelf somewhere, we would've had hot coffee this morning.

I think there's a greater lesson to be learned here, especially by my husband.  Just because you trade your old "coffee maker" in for a newer, shiner, prettier "coffee maker" with more bells and whistles, it doesn't mean you'll be any happier in the long run.  Eventually, you may regret replacing the old "coffee maker" in the first place.

Makes you think, don't it??


Tulip Row said...

I whole heartedly agree with you on that one! I also love the win-win situation you had going for yourself there!

seriously? said...

Kinda like the saying of "an heir and a spare"??? Ya know, keeping one around just in case. :)

Mainly a midwife said...

I love the "coffee maker" metaphor. Those husbands better not try to trade us in for newer, "shinier" younger models. (LOL). I tell Mark that those younger, er, I mean newer models are just way more high maintenance.
And if the whole point is "great coffee" why take a chance on a newer model. It may not make "coffee" the way you like it.
Feel free to delete my comment :)

Counselormama said...

The same goes for the fridge, the one in our garage is like 20 yrs old but our new one has broke once already! On a side note, I finally realized who you were! I met you at Keri's bbshower, I am her older SIL! Nice to read your blog!