Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Neighbors.

Dear Neighbors,
We have finally given up.  We have removed our children's sandbox from our yard.  You see, my children could never remember to put the lid back on their sandbox.  (And neither could I for that matter.)  Your cats have been using our children's sandbox as a toilet for the last three years.  
The final straw was Easter weekend when my son brought cat poop inside the house to show me. Your cats will have to go elsewhere to relieve themselves from now on.

Now, if I could talk to you about the Christmas decorations that are still on your house....


Tulip Row said...

Hilarious! I have a few "neighbor" posts in me as well!

Derek Neighbors said...

Most county animal control offices will loan you "traps" to get cats, possums, etc.

Set the trap, catch the animal take it to the animal shelter. Rinse and repeat until the neighbor learns to be a responsible pet owner.