Friday, April 24, 2009

Hand-Me-Down Heaven.

When I first moved to our adorable little town, I began to notice a trend with all my friends.  ALL of my friends had boys in my oldest daughter's 4 year old to 5 year old age range.  A lot of those friends also had boys in my younger daughter's 2 year old to 3 year old range. I felt sorry for my daughters because every time we had play dates or get togethers with my friends and their families, they were always surrounded by boys, boys and more boys.

Initially, it didn't occur to me how I might benefit from the onslaught of all these older boys.  I have benefitted in several ways from all these "boy" moms, not the least of which is by being taught the ins and outs of actually having a boy vs. a girl.  However, one of the most obvious ways I have benefitted is in the form of hand-me-downs from all of these friends and their boys.  I have three girlfriends, with a total of five little boys, who are passing some much loved items down to my little boy.

He is absolutely in heaven.

As soon as my girlfriend dropped off the clothes, Clayton was digging through the bags and trying on items.  Everything he's wearing in this picture, except his underwear, was a "hand me down."  He was wearing the critter rain boots everyday, but I had to hide them because they're still a little big and I don't want to take the chance of him knocking out any more teeth.

Hand-me-downs.  The ultimate "recycling."  Happy Earth Day.

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Mainly a midwife said...

Hooray.. I'm so glad! His reaction was precious to me.