Monday, October 5, 2009

Losin' It [One Article at a Time].

My kids are having difficulty keeping track of things. Their things. Their sweatshirts. Their sweaters. Their shoes. Their water bottles, dear sweet baby Jesus the water bottles!!

Last Wednesday morning we had a very interesting development. As I was hustling the kids along so that hubby could walk them to school, Ansley's shoes were missing. Her Croc's. Her beloved fuchsia Croc's.

I was trying very hard to assist her in retracing her steps.

P: Are they in the "shoe closet?"
A: No.
P: Are they in your closet?"
A: No.
P: Are they in under the craft table [a.k.a. the dining room table.]
A: No.
P: I dunno Ans. I'm at a loss. You did wear them home from the park last night after soccer practice didn't you?
A: Ummmmm.
P: I SAID, you DID wear them home from the park last night didn't you? Of course you remember whether you got into the car with shoes on, right?
A: Ummmmmmmmmm.

I yelled to hubs that I was driving up the street to the park to see if her Croc's were still up at the playground. Please note: on the mornings that hubs walks the kids to school, I'm usually not dressed by the time they leave for was the case on this morning. So there I was, in all of my PJ'd glory [read: men's Hanes v-neck tee, PJ bottoms and NO undergarments. What.So.Ever.].

So there I am. PJ's. No shoes. Minivan whipping through the parking lot. Then suddenly, it hits me. Parks and Rec. They've started an early day to finish installing the replacement bathrooms and the whole crew of my small town is in the park and watching what has to be a hysterical site.

Me running through the parking lot. Me bouncing in the wind. Me sock-footed. Snatching a darling, precious pair of Croc's. Then tearing off and burning rubber to get my children off to school in time.

I'm sure that story was told more than a few times last week. I hope I was utterly unrecognizable...except for the conspicuous red UGA "G" sticker on my back window as I peeled off through the parking lot. [Being a Peach out of Water can certainly have its disadvantages.]


Mainly a midwife said...

That park sand is a MAGNET for shoes... we are still down one Old Navy flip flop.

Peaches said...

Is it seafoam green? I swear I saw it.

Mainly a midwife said...

You betcha. That would be Katie's.